Paintless Dent Removal & Hail Damage Repair in Greenwood Village, CO




Looking for paintless dent repair or dent removal in Greenwood Village? Auto Hail Specialists wants to make sure your car is fully restored to its former glory. Hail is unforgiving, and in 2017 caused 1.8 billion dollars of damage in the greater Denver area as baseball-size hail fell from the sky damaging thousands of vehicles. We want our friends in Greenwood Village to know they can rely on us for car dent repair and dent removal in Greenwood Village, as well as paintless dent repair.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent repair, or paintless dent removal, is a hail damage repair process by which car experts utilize specific tools to manipulate the metal on your vehicle to repair hail damage without the use of products such as under Bondo, fillers or paint. Paintless dent repair is the preferred method of car dent repair by insurance companies in Greenwood Village as it is cheaper and faster than alternatives. Your vehicle’s original warranty and value are maintained in Greenwood Village because the process does not harm the paint already on your vehicle during your car dent repair, which helps maintain its value in the Greenwood Village market and protect your investment. Technicians use specialized tools on the underside of the metal using access points to facilitate the hail damage repair. Paintless dent repair in Greenwood Village is a tedious art form that requires extensive experience and knowledge of master technicians like those found at Greenwood Village Auto Hail Specialists. 

Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair

  • No repainting or body filler needed    
  • Less expensive than conventional hail damage body repair in Greenwood Village
  • Repair takes less time than conventional car dent repair
  • No risk of incorrect paint color matching after dent repair
  • The vehicle retains original factory paint
  • A preferred form of hail damage repair in Greenwood Village
  • Environmentally friendly hail damage repair in Greenwood Village


Helping You Through the Insurance Process

Has your vehicle been impacted by hail storms in Greenwood Village? Reach out to your insurance to file a claim for dent removal first. Need assistance at any point? No sweat, we would be happy to assist you through any and every step of this process. Once your insurance company has inspected your vehicle and provided you with the corresponding paperwork or car dent repair, reach out to Greenwood Village’s Auto Hail Specialists to schedule your dent repair or dent removal services. If you do not have insurance that will cover a rental car, we can provide you with a car at no additional cost!

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Contact Us Today and Find Out How You Can Receive $100!

Bring a copy of your insurance paperwork to your appointment to verify that the insurance company has provided the correct repair values and that all damage was included in the claim. Should we find any discrepancies between our assessment and that of the insurance company, we will supplement the claim. Upon approval, we will repair your vehicle at our Greenwood Village location and install any parts that need to be replaced. Your car will be restored, washed and ready for pick-up in no time. Refer a friend in Greenwood Village for vehicle hail damage repair and receive $100. Call us today!

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Auto Hail Specialists are professional paintless dent repair and hail damage experts serving the Denver area.