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Paintless Dent Repair & Ding Removal in Denver Metro

Paintless dent repair, or paintless dent removal (PDR), is a process in which seasoned automotive repair professionals apply slow pressure to the metal on your vehicle to repair the damage without using products like Bondo, fillers or paint. PDR is the preferred method of repair by insurance companies in Denver because it’s both cheaper and faster than the alternatives.

You benefit because PDR does not harm the paint already on your car; which means your vehicle’s original warranty remains in effect—securing its value in the Denver market. PDR is a tedious art form that requires extensive experience and knowledge of master technicians—like those found at Auto Hail Specialists in Denver.



  • No repainting or body filler needed
  • Less expensive than conventional hail damage body repair in Denver
  • Repair takes less time than traditional car dent repair
  • No risk of incorrect paint color matching after dent repair
  • The vehicle retains original factory paint
  • The preferred method of hail damage repair by insurance companies in Denver
  • Environmentally friendly hail or dent damage repair in Denver

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Decades of Experience and Mastery of the Details

Owners Michael Worden and Victor Irizarry have provided the Denver area with over 35 years of combined professional car dent repair and removal services. Michael and Victor never compromise on quality dent repair; guaranteeing our clients that the hail damage repair options we offer to the Denver area are as efficient and stress-free as we can manage. Our clients can rest assured they’re getting the kind of expert service that only decades of experience in hail damage repair in Denver can provide.

Fix Your Car Hail Damage Today!

Has your vehicle been the unfortunate target of car hail damage in the Denver, CO area? Reach out to Auto Hail Specialists, and we can schedule a time for your hail damage repair. For paintless dent removal and car dent repair, trust the professional car dent removers at Auto Hail Specialists. There’s a reason that Denver, CO residents consider us the true experts on this value-preserving technique of paintless dent repair. Refer a Denver friend for vehicle hail damage repair and receive $100. Call us today!

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